September 2009

Late season thoughts…

150-davidnail-headshot.jpgI’m just a 30-year old singer who loves baseball.  I know more random facts than most, and have received much hazing for the uselessness of the majority of that knowledge.  I played with one current major leaguer, and coached three current minor leaguers.  I’m no expert, but I’m in the vicinity!  HA!

These are just some thoughts while flying to Las Vegas and waiting on my Cardinals to clinch the division.  Spent Tuesday night at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago watching the White Sox play the Twins. I have to say I’m now a White Sox fan. The people there were so great to us.  From the parking attendants all the way up to meeting Mark Buehrle right before the game, everyone was spectacular.

I haven’t had too much time of late to watch many games.  I find myself checking scores each night from my phone. The Milton Bradley ordeal is a sad one.  I can remember wishing my Cardinals had signed him this past off-season, and I’m now extremely thankful they didn’t.

It seems like the Giants have cooled off considerably recently.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a Willie Mays fan, but I’ve always liked the Giants, so I was rooting for them to make the playoffs, and I think it’d have been great considering how awful they’ve been the last couple years.

Here are my early favorites for some off the post season awards:

NL ROTY – Co-winners Colby Rasmus and Tommy Hanson
AL ROTY – Rick Porcello in a landslide
NL Cy Young – Adam Wainwright over Chris Carpenter and Matt Cain
AL Cy Young – Justin Verlander
NL MVP – Albert Pujols in a landslide
AL MVP – Joe Mauer in a landslide

I think the Braves will make the playoffs next year for Bobby Cox’s final year managing.

I think I could win as manager with the Brewers talent.

I think Gordan Beckham is a future superstar.  The kid is as smooth as they come.

I would like to see a Dodgers vs. Cardinals NLCS and a Tigers vs. Yankees ALCS.

Those four teams have 4 of the most classic uniforms, great stadiums and fan-bases.

Well there’s a little over a week left in the regular season, and I hope you are all as excited for the playoffs as I am.  Talk to you soon!