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More late season thoughts…

150-davidnail-headshot.jpgI’m just a 30 year old singer who loves baseball.  I know more random facts than most, and have received much hazing for the uselessness of the majority of that knowledge.  I played with one current major leaguer, and coached three current minor leaguers.  I’m no expert, but I’m in the vicinity!  HA!

Justin Verlander

18 wins MLB Rank #3
264 K’s MLB Rank #1
3.45 ERA MLB Rank #6
= Playoffs?

I see everyone’s point with Zack Greinke, and I love the Royals being a native Missourian, but I think being the ace on a staff that looks like it is returning to the playoffs is why I feel Verlander would get my vote.  That’s the glorious thing about having a blog: I’m allowed MY opinions!

I’m sitting in my hotel in Traverse City, Michigan watching the last game of the Twins vs. Tigers series.  It looks as though it’s going to go down to the last few games with these two.  I think Detroit poses as the worst match-up in the playoffs with their lineup.  They also have decent pitching and defense, and again, that ballpark is special. 

I don’t understand the timing of firing Eric Wedge in Cleveland with 6 games left.  What exactly does that do?  I will acknowledge his squad underperforming, but why not wait a week and a half?  Are you trying to set the tone for 2010 the first week of October 2009? 

Once again Albert Pujols is having a season for the record books.  Having the chance to watch him up close this year in batting practice, it’s completely absurd how much smoother and effortless he is than the rest of the field.  It’s like watching man amongst boys.  He’s so fluid, and even and hour or so before the game, he’s very focused on improving, if that’s even possible.

Looks like I may be heading to some postseason games this year, and hopefully at least one in St. Louis.

I have 10, yes 10, fantasy baseball teams this year.  I’m currently winning two, and finishing no less than 4th in the rest!  If I win any, it will be a first!

Here are 5 things I think as we near the end of the 2009 season.

#1.  The Pirates need to figure out a plan, and present that plan to MLB, and if it doesn’t seem realistic, they need to start fining the owners.  No team has showed more signs of simply trying to turn a profit than Pittsburg, and it’s a shame, cause that city and ballpark are beautiful.

#2.  If Matt Holiday is smart, he will tell Scott Boras to get a fair deal in St. Louis, and not chase the money wherever it may lead.  He will not find a better fit anywhere else, both as a city and team.

#3.  Kansas City tries to use Zack Greinke as bait much like Cleveland did with Bartolo Colon and rebuilds their team with can’t miss young prospects like Cleveland received.  Wouldn’t Kansas City be better with Grady Sizemore, Brandon Philips, and Cliff Lee, cause that’s what the Indians got in return of then ace Colon? 

#4.  The Dodgers don’t scare me if my team runs into them at any point in the NL Playoffs!  However, they are about a year or two from being crazy good!

#5.  I don’t care for the Yankees in the least, but they absolutely scare the daylight out of me as a fan of potential opponent in the World Series.  I don’t know what’s different this year in that clubhouse, but there’s something more going on than simply their off-season additions. 

Till next time, peace out!