The Central is the Hottest Place to BE!

Like Kanye West at the VMAs, the Minnesota Twins are doing their best to disrupt the Detroit Tigers acceptance speech for the American League Central Title.

Well, we know 2 things: 1) Kanye interruption jokes are pretty much like hot dogs at the ballpark; Mandatory, and 2) The AL Central has provided the drama latest in the season the last 2 years.  Thanks to them for getting the playoff vibe fired up early.
And like Beyonce, both teams are pretty and respectable and darned classy.  The 4 game series with a Doubleheader Thursday heats up the final week of the regular season.
So we must examine the Twin Cities v MoTown:  Who’s the better?  And of course we could break down starting pitching, offensive prowess, defensive skill and clutch-ness, but then we would be MLB/E would we.
Michigan v Minnesota.  The Central Movie Division:
Movies set in Minnesota: Grumpy Old Men, Juno, the entire Mighty Ducks franchise, Grumpier Old Men, Fargo (you betcha), and beyond all other cinematic awesomeness: Purple Rain.
Movies set in Michigan: Detroit Rock City, Action Jackson, 8 Mile, American Pie, the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, Semi-Pro, Gross Pointe Blank and Roger & Me.
So just like the race for the Central it’s pretty close here:

Eddie Murphy v cute kids on ice skates
Eminem v Walter Mathau
Michael Moore v Frances McDormand

And I’d say it’s a toss up especially in the Moore v McDormand battle, but when it comes down do it:

Prince vs the entire state of Michigan.

Twins win 5-4 to face the Yankees.


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